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–Can I borrow your textbook, Susan?–().

A、No, not really

B、Sure, here you are

C、Yes, bring it with you

D、Never mind


“May we take the books out?”

A.No, you may not

B.No, you can not

C.No, you can’t

D.Please don’t


How beautiful the dress looks on you! Don’t you want (), Madam? Well, please show me().

A、one; other

B、it; other

C、it; another

D、one; the other


are. I’m looking forward to meet you here so that I can tell 85. ___________

you more about Chinese food at table.

Best wishes.


you more about Chinese food at table. 
Best wishes.

●Information is no good to you if you can't (72)it. The location dimension of information means having access to information no matter where you are.

(72) A. access

B. make

C. learn

D. bring


The Worlds Best BookshopsTheres nothing like being surrounded by books , wherever you are. Here are the finest oases of literature that travellers can bring you.Daikanyama T site | TokyoIt is well worth visiting even if just to admire the buildings beautiful , crisscrossed architecture. Once youve had your fill of roaming three floors worth of bookshelves , theres the bar, the coffee shop, or even the video rental space to give you more reason to stay just that little bit longer. Grab a book, order a beer and dive into its pages. I could have stayed hours here.City Lights | San FranciscoThe three - storey establishment publishes and sells titles in poetry, fiction , translation , politics , history and the arts. It hosts events and readings, and runs a non profit of the same name that aims to promote diversity of voices and ideas in literature. Its opposite Vesuvio , a bar frequented by Kerouac and other Beat generation writers and artists.Shakespeare and Company | ParisI made a special trip to the Left Bank for this one when I was in Paris. It has two floors packed with English 一language texts, and I was particularly struck by any spare wall space devoted to notes from visitors heartfelt messages to a loved one, dedications to the shop itself, or a quote from a favourite author or philosopher.Hutatma Chowk | MumbaiA few years ago I visited India , investigating Rudyard Kiplings connections with the country. I spotted a cheap copy of The Jungle Book on one of the tarp covered book stalls at Hutatma Chowk ( Martyrs Square) . The booksellers here are like amateur librarians , able to lay their hands on almost any title you ask for. To me, those well thumbed (翻旧了的) books spoke volumes about the changes of Mumbais readers in the 150 years since the city gave us Kipling.1. In which bookshop can you buy a drink while visiting ?A. Daikanyama T site.City Lights.Shakespeare and Company.Hutatma Chowk.What can be learned about the book stalls at Hutatma Chowk ?People can meet Rudyard Kipling there.They sell the cheapest books in the world.The book owners are amateur librarians.The sellers are familiar with the books.What do the four bookstores have in common ?They are beautifully designed.They are three storey buildings.They offer book lovers good experience.They are frequently visited by great writers.【文章大意】本文是一篇说明文,主要介绍了世界上最好的四家书店。A【解析】细节理解题。根据 Daikanyama T site | Tokyo 中的Grab a boqk order a beer and dive into its pages.I could have stayed hours here可知,拿本书,点杯啤酒,一头扎进书里。我可以在这里呆上几个小时的。所 以在 Daikanyama T - site | Tokyo可以买到饮料。故选 A、。D 【解析】 细节理解题。根据最后一段The booksellers here are like amateur librarians able to lay their handson almost any title you ask for可知,这里的售书员就像业余图书管理员一样,你要什么书他们几乎都能找到。所以售书员对这些书很熟悉。故选 D。C 【解析】细节理解题。根据 Daikanyama T site | Tokyo 中的Once youve had your fill of roaming three floors worth of bookshelves , theres th、e bar; the coffee shop, or even the video rental space to give you more reason to stay just that little bit longer.一旦你逛够了岂层楼高的书架,这还会有酒吧、咖啡店,甚至有录像带出租屋,让你有更多的理由再多待会儿。City Lights | San Francisco 中的 It hosts events and reading,s and runs a non一profit of the same name that aims to promote diversity of vo

The Internet can make our lives interesting and enjoyable. Some people say that reading books (11) 0ut of date. This is not true. Reading books is a good (12) for all kinds of rea-sons.First ,reading books is fun. You can always keep yourself (13) if you like reading. This is especially useful when the weather is bad.It is a relaxing hobby,too You can really enjoy (14) in books.Next,you can read a book almost (15 ) ;in a car,in a waiting-room,on a plane,in bed even in the bath. Reading is a converuent hobby (16 ) it is easy to stop and thenstart again.(17) good reason is that reading is useful. Many school subjects depend on good reading.The more books you read,the faster you will become in reading,and (18) knowledge you will get.Your schoolwork will become much (19 ) too.

Reading is (20) .out of date. Don-t forget to read every day!

( )11.

A. are





–Are yousettling in well here in this city – _________________

A、Everything is going OK. Thank you!

B、This city is very beautiful.

C、Yes. I do.


—Can I borrow your camera for a week? —__________________.

A.Yes,you can borrow

B.Sure,here you are

D.It doesn’t matter

C.Yes,bring it with you


Can I have a look at your passport? _________.

A. It is

B. Here is it

C. Here you are

D. No, you can't


a typical western girl's response to the compliment "you look beautiful in this blue dress." would be "_________".

A、No, no. This is just an ordinary dress. I got it really cheap.

B、You are just flattering me to cheer me up.

C、Really? Well, perhaps I look more beautiful in red.

D、Thank you. I believe I look good in blue.


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考题 单选题John: Did you enjoy your holiday in Xi’ an?  Nancy: Yes, I had a wonderful time there.  Jane: ______  Nancy: Well, I think it’s a place worth visiting.A Where did you go in Xi’ an?B How did you go to Xi’ an?C What do you think of Xi’ an?D When would you like to visit Xi’ an again?正确答案: D 解析: 根据上下文,空格后句话回答的是对某地方的印象,故C项正确。

考题 “Here you are.”的汉语意思是()。正确答案:给你

考题 Information is no good to you if you can't ( ) it.The location dimension of information means having access to access to information no where you are. A.access B.make C. learn D. bring 答案:A解析:翻译:信息对你没有任何用处如果你不使用它。无论你在哪里信息无所不在。

考题 单选题Sylvia: That didn’t take long, did it?  Anna: No, she said the train was quite quick.______  Sylvia: Well, she said something about a bus, I think. Wait a minute. Yes, here we are. “…a number 32 bus as far as Brixton Road.”A But I’m too tired to go any further.B But how are we going to get to her house?C I’m a little confused. Where are we now?D I know that you just can’t wait to see her.正确答案: A 解析: Sylvia谈论的是汽车,选项B可以和下文相接。

考题 外国乘客上车后,驾驶员询问其目地的,用英语表达应该是()。A、Where are you going?B、Can I help you?C、Here we are.正确答案:A

考题 Can I borrow your digital camera for a couple of days?()AYes, you may not borrow.BYes, go on.CSure, here you are. Enjoy your journey.DIt doesn't matterC略

考题 Scince we are well connected()the department stores here,we can obtain a number of orders for you.正确答案:with

考题 There is a certain inevitability that ebook sales have now overtaken paperback sales on Amazon’s US site.Amazon’s Kindle 2 is so light and so cheap that it’s easy to see why people have rushed to buy it.Though I’m still not keen on the design of the Kindle,it is a vast improvement on its predecessor and certainly tolerable.Beyond the device itself,Amazon has done a great job of rolling out Kindle apps,ensuring that people like me-who have an iPad but not a Kindle can still join in the fun. Once you’re into the Kindle ecosystem,Amazon locks you in tightly-just as Apple does with its iTunes/iPod ecosystem.It’s so easy to buy from Amazon’s store and the books are so cheap that it’s not worth the effort of going elsewhere. While I remain opposed to Amazon’s DRM(数字版权管理)-indeed,I’m opposed to DRM on any ebooks-I have to admit that the implementation is so smooth that most Kindle users won’t care at all that their ebooks can’t be moved to other devices. The ebook trend is nowhere near peaking.Over the next five years we can expect to see more and more readers move away from printed books and pick up ebooks instead.But I don’t think that will mean the death of the printed book. There are some who prefer printed books.They like having shelves filled with books they’ve read and books they plan to read;they like the feel of the book in their hands and the different weights and typefaces and layouts of different titles.In other words,they like the physical form of the book almost as much as the words it contains. I can sympathize with those people.As I wrote earlier this week,my ideal situation would be for publishers to bundle e-books with printed ones-in much the same way that film studio DVDs with digital copies of films.There’s no reason to think that lovers of printed books will change their minds.There will undoubtedly be fewer of them as time goes by because more people will grow up with ebooks and spend little time with printed ones.However,just as there are people who love vinyl records(黑胶唱片),even if they were born well into the CD era,there will still be a dedicated minority who love physical books. Since there are fewer of these people,that will mean fewer bookshops and higher prices for printed books but I don’t think the picture is entirely bleak.There is scope for smaller print runs of lavishly designed printed books and bookshops aimed at book lovers,rather than the Stieg Larsson-reading masses.With mainstream readers out of the printed book market, booklovers might even find they get a better experience. According to the passage,the reason why the author opposes to Amazon’s DRM is that______.《》()A.ebooks can only be purchased on Amazon.com B.Kindle books are not compatible with other electronic reading devices C.once implemented,ebooks can’t be transferred to other equipments D.ebooks installed on Kindle 2 can’t be edited freely答案:C解析:本题考查细节。 由题干中的Amazon's DRM定位到第二段第一句提到“我不得不承认安装过程实在是太便捷了,以至于大多数Kindle用户并不介意电子书无法安装到其他设备上”,由此可知电子书一旦安装后,不可以在其他设备上再次使用,C 中的transfer,equipments分别对应定位句中的move和devices,综上,C选项正确。 A选项,“电子书只能在亚马逊网站上购买”原文并未提及,故排除。 B选项,“Kindle电子书与其他电子阅读设备不兼容”是对定位句的曲解,故排除。 D选项,“在Kindle 2上安装的电子书不能随意编辑” 原文并未提及,故排除。 故正确选项为C。

考题 单选题There are several ways you can find out about the countries and places you wish to visit. You can talk to friends who have travelled to the places. Or you can go and see a colour film. Or you can read travel books. It would seem that there are three kinds of travel books. The first are those that give a personal, subjective (主观的) account of travels which the author has actually made himself, if they are informative and have a good index (索引), then they can be useful to you when you are planning your travels. The second kind are those books whose purpose is to give a purely objective (客观的)description of things to be done and seen. If a well-read, cultured person has written such a book, then it is even more useful. It can be sorted as a selected guide book. The third kind are those books which are called "a guide" to some place or other. If they are good, they will, in addition to their factual information, give an analysis or an explanation. Like the first kind they can be inspiring and interesting. But their basic purpose is to help the reader who wishes to plan in the most practical way. Whatever kind of travel book you choose you must make sure that it does not describe everything as "wonderful", "excellent" or "magical". You must also note its date of publication because travel is a very practical affair and many things change quickly in the twenty-first century. Finally, you should make sure that the contents are well presented and easy to find.The following travel books may be of use when you plan your travels except ().A the book written by some people who have had the same travel experience themselvesB the book which tells you what is worth doing and seeing based on the factsC the book in which a lot of big adjectives are used to draw your attentionD the book which offers you a lot of useful information like a tour guide正确答案: C 解析: [解析] 推断题。根据…you must make sure that it does not describe everything as "wonderful", "excellent" or "magical"可知那些夸夸其谈的书不宜选用。

考题 单选题Does everyone in your office always agree all the time? When someone makes a suggestion, does everyone just smile and nod in agreement? When you bring forward an idea, do people just accept t? Well, if you answered yes" to any of these questions, you are in an extremely unusual workplace. People are people. And people butt heads.They disagree, they argue, and they fight. You can’t get around it. But you can learn to deal with it To hold your own, you need to learn how to argue effectively. If you’ve got an opinion, you need to defend it. And if you have a problem with something a colleague has done, you need to let tem know. This can make for some difficult discussions and meetings, but this is just a part of life and business skills. So how can you argue effectively? Well, you need several. Thewritersuggeststhatifyougetanopinion,youneedto().A getarounditB learnhowtodealwithitC argueinsupportofit正确答案: B 解析: 暂无解析