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When did the children begin to speak English?

A. When they are 5 years old. B. When they are 6 years old.

C. When they are 7 years old. D. When they are 8 years old.


If you think you are sick, you are sick no matter what anyone else says. On the other hand, if you have belief in your doctor, and if he tells you that you’re going to feel better, you _1_ will. Take the case of Mrs. Brown for example. She was _2_ to get to sleep at night. She lacked energy and was too tired during the day even for the simple thing that she used to enjoy doing. Occasional headaches, which were becoming more frequent, _3_ reading or watching TV. The more she thought about her condition, _4_ she felt. At last, she went to see her doctor, _5_ she had known for years. The doctor listened to her complaints and gave her a fairly thorough examination. Then, he said to her, “There is _6_ seriously wrong with your physical condition, but I accept the fact that you don’t feel well. I am going to give you some pills that should _7_. I want you to take one after dinner and one a half hour before going to bed tonight. Call me tomorrow and tell me how you feel.” The next morning Mrs. Brown telephoned to say, “Doctor, it’s very nice of you. I had the first _8_ night’s sleep last night in two months. What on earth is in those pills?” The doctor said, “It’s an old formula I have used for years. Just _9_ taking them for a week.” Turning to his nurse, he said, “It’s _10_ what a little soda can do.” [共10题]


(A) certainly (B) really (C) immediately (D) probably


(A) able (B) unable (C) going (D) about


(A) helped her with (B) separated her from

(C) prevented her from (D) about


(A) the worse (B) the more

(C) the better (D) the happier


(A) whose (B) whom

(C) that (D) which


(A) everything (B) anything

(C) nothing (D) something


(A) do (B) use (C) help (D) take


(A) good (B) strange (C) bad (D) short


(A) give up (B) remember (C) start (D) keep on

(10)(A) necessary (B) wonderful (C) important (D) harmful

参考答案:1-5:D B C A B; 6-10 C C A D B

Betty is from Italy. Now she lives in Edinburgh . But her parents still live in Italy. She is 25 years old. She is a teacher. She works in a high school in Edinburgh. She teaches science (科学) and she likes her work. Most of her students are 15 or 16 years old. They all like her. They think she is a great teacher and a beautiful girl with long golden hair. Betty has a boyfriend. His name is Ray. He is British. He is 30 years old. He likes books and music. He can play the piano very well. He is in IT. He works very hard. But he does not like his job. He likes traveling like Betty, and of course he likes staying with Betty.

(1). Betty is British now.

A、 Right.


C、Doesn't say.

(2). Betty has long beautiful hair.

A、 Right.


C、Doesn't say.

(3). Ray likes his job.

A、 Right.


C、Doesn't say.

(4). Both Betty and Ray like traveling.

A、 Right.


C、Doesn't say.

(5). Betty can play the piano well.

A、 Right.


C、Doesn't say.



Jack is a famous writer now.But he said he was not a good student when he was young.He was often late for class and didn’t like doing his homework. Sometimes he slept in class while the teacher was teaching.He didn't understand much, but he always thought he under-stood everything..

One day the teacher asked the students a question, "When John was ten years old, his brother was twenty. John is fifteen now and how old is his brother?" Jack answered, "That's easy. His brother is twice as old as John, so he is now thirty. "

Another time, the teacher in a science class asked, "When it thunders(打雷) , why do we always see the light before we hear the sound? "But, Miss White," said Jack quickly, "can't you .see our eyes are in front of our ears?"

The third time, the teacher in a biology class asked, "Why can fish swim in the water?" "But, Miss White," said Jack quickly, "don't you know fish can-t walk on land?"

( )26.Jack was not ________. when he was young.






28. How old is John's brother now when John is fifteen in the story?

A.Ten years old.

B. Fifteen years old

C. Twenty years old

D. Twenty-five years old.

28.D【解析】当John 10岁时,他哥哥20岁,所以当 John 15岁时,他哥哥25岁。

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening.Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you ,too. Whats your name? My name is Who are you? Im Whats your English teachers name? Her name is Linda.How are you? Im fine/good/great/bad.How old are you? Im seven/eight/nine years old.第一天词汇:father, mother, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma, aunt姨/姑, uncle叔叔, cousin表兄/表妹, nurse 护士, doctor 医生, teacher 教师, headmaster 校长engineer 工程师, supervisor 主管, clerk 书记, cashier 收银员driver 司机, programmer 程序员, manager 经理, director 董事长cook 厨师, waitress 女服务员, waiter 男服务员, reporter 记者editor 编辑, author 作家, accountant 会计师, lawyer 律师stewardess 空姐,pilot 飞行员, police 公安soldier 士兵,dancer舞蹈家, designer 设计师, singer 歌星, musician 音乐家,athlete 运动员, boss老板, artist画家, scientist科学家 ,photographer照相师句型:1. How many people are there in your family? There are five people in my family. 2. Who are they? Theyre my father, mother, grandpa, grandma and me. 3. What does your father/mother do? My father is a doctor. My mother is a nurse. 4. Is your father/mother a teacher? No, he isnt. Hes a policeman. No,she isnt. Shes a manager. 5. What do you do? I am a student. Im eight years old. 6. Are you a cook? No, I am not. I am a student. 7. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a scientist. 第二天词汇:pink, red, yellow, orange, black, blue, green, white, black, brown, gray/grey灰色, purple, horse, tiger, pig, dog, duck, hen, chick, mouse, cat, cow, lion, sheep, rabbit, elephant, fish, monkey, fox, panda, goat, wolf, bird, butterfly, spider, ant, flea, dolphin, crab, kangaroo, giraffe, rat, whale, shark, starfish, deer, turtle句型:1. What color is it? Its red/yellow/orange/blue/green. 2. What color is the flower? Its red/pink. 3. What color is the desk? Its blue/brown. 4. What color do you like? I like purple. 5.Whats your favorite color? My favorite color is blue. 6. What animal is it? Its a bird. 7.Do you like ducks? Yes, I do. No, I dont. I like frogs. 8.Whats your favorite animal? My favorite animal is monkey. 第三天词汇:noodles, rice, fish, egg, milk, cake, water, cola可乐, juice, jam, toast烤面包, hot dog, hamburger, chips薯条, corn玉米, bean蚕豆, pumpkin南瓜, carrot胡萝卜, cucumber, wheat小麦, peanut, moon cake, bread, candy, cookie, pizza, popcorn爆米花, sandwich, French fries法式炸土豆条, apple juice, chicken, lollipop棒棒糖, sausage香肠, tomato, coke可乐, ice cream, steak牛排, apple, pear, orange, watermelon, lemon, grapes, banana, peach, cherry, pineapple菠萝, plum李子,梅子, mango, longan龙眼, lychee荔枝, starfruit杨桃. 句型:1. How many pears are there? There are 5 pears. 2. What do you like to eat? I like to eat bananas. 3. Do you like apples/pears? Yes, I do. No, I dont. 4. What does the rabbit like to eat? The rabbit likes to eat carrots. 

Patient: Could you arrange for me to see Doctor Smith tomorrow morning?

Nurse: _________. He won't be free until 12:00.

A. You can call later

B. You're unlucky

C. I can't do that

D. I'm afraid not


What should you do ff your child is under six years old?

A.You should let him take two tablets a day.

B.You should reduce the dosage anyway.

C.You should find the directions on the bottle.

D.You should ask the doctor for advice.

解析:本题的依据句为“For children under six years old consult your doctor.” consult your doctor=ask your doctor for advice,与D选项意思一致。其他选项内容属于错误信息。

I (11) (12) English girl. (13) name is Joan. I'm 12. I have a Chinese (14) . (15) name is Sun Hui. We're in the same(相同的)class. All her family (16) in China now. Her father is a teacher in our school. (17) teaches English.(18) mother is a nurse(护士) in a hospital(医院).(19) bas a brother.(20) is only 4.

( )11.







I'm Joe. I-m twelve years old. I like September very much. September 9th is my birthday, and my father's birthday is in September,too.We have a birthday party ev-ery year. Teachers Day is in September, too. And I can play with all my teachers. So September is my favorite. What about you?

( )21.1t is Joe's________ birthday this year.

A. twelve


C. ninth

D. nine


My ( )neighbour's sister is a nurse.


B.brother of




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考题 Her sister, ______ you met at my home, was a teacher of English. AwhomBthatCwhichD/ 正确答案:A

考题 Hi! Jim. This is my brother Peter.()A、How are you?B、Fine, thank youC、Nice to meet you.D、You are very kind.正确答案:C

考题 单选题— How do you like your English teacher?— He is great. We ______ friends since three years ago.A wereB have madeC have beenD have become正确答案: B 解析: 句意:——你认为你的英语老师怎么样?——他非常好,自从三年前我们就已经成为了朋友。本题考查现在完成时态的用法。由答句中的since three years ago知,主语用现在完成时态,且动词用延续性动词,因此选C项。

考题 共用题干 A Minor Microsurgery Last year,Sean Martinovich,from Whitianga,had life-saving surgery when a golf-sized tumor was removed from his brain stem.But the operation left half his face paralysed.He talked with a slur,sometimes dribbled(流 口水)out of the side of his mouth and could not close his eye properly.Although he could run around with the other boys in the playground,when they laughed he could not laugh with them.Without a smile,he could suffer psychologically and emotionally. Last week,6-year-old Sean had seven hours of microsurgery that should give him back his smile.Doctor Bartlett removed a nerve from the back of one of Sean's legs and transplanted it into his face.On the normal side of his face the nerve divides into lots of little branches."We'll cut those nerve branches and then we'll take a nerve graft from one leg and tunnel it across his face from one side to the other and join that on to the nerve that' s been cut on the good side of his face."Doctor Bartlett said before the operation."If this was not fixed he conld face physical and emotional problems as he got older,"Doctor Bartlett said."Socially people can become quite withdrawn because of the face paralysis.It's easy for people,especially children,to become rather emotionless because they prefer the flatness of no movement on either side to the weirdness of an asymmetry of smiling on one side and having this twisted face." Sean is not smiling yet.Over the next six months the nerves will grow across the face to the damaged side and after that movement will hopefully come back.Sean's parents,Steve and Wendy Martinovich,said they had been through a year of hell.But their son was a determined boy who just got on with it,said Mrs Martinovich.They are amazed at the technology that they hope will restore the cheeky smile they love so much.For Doctor Bartlett the microsurgery is almost routine.For Sean's parents,it is a miracle.How old was Sean Martinovich when the golf-sized tumor was removed from his brain stem?A:4 years old. B:5 years old.C:6 years old. D:7 years old.答案:B解析:第一段第一句表明,Sean是在去年做的手术;第二段第一句表明,上周Sean的年龄为6岁。所以去年手术时、Sean的年龄应为5岁。第一段第三句表明,Sean谈吐不清,有时会流口水,还不能正常地闭眼睛;第一段最后一句说明他不能微笑。综合这些可推知," paralysed"、的意思为“瘫痪的”,也就是失去了感觉和对肌肉的控制。根据第二段第四句引用的Bartlett医生的话语可知,移植到Sean脸上的神经来自于他的腿上。由第二段最后两句引用Bartlett医生的话语可知,由于面部瘫痪,人们会变得很内向。特别是孩子,宁愿与面无表情的人接触,也会远离只有半边脸微笑的不对称表情。由此推测,Sean可能为了避免让别人发现他那不对称的微笑而采取躲避的方法,这会引起一系列生理问题和心理问题。第三段倒数第二句说明,对于Bartlett医生来说,微创手术是“routine"(日常工作),可见微创手术对Bartlett医生来说是一件很容易的事。

考题 A: ( )?B:Yes, I do. My mother and father live in Oxford.A. Do you have any familyB. Where are your father and motherC. Have you any family 正确答案:A

考题 资料:Elizabeth Blackwell was born in England in 1821, and moved to New York City when she was ten years old. One day she decided that she wanted to become a doctor. That was nearly impossible for a woman in the middle of the nineteenth century.After writing many letters asking for admission (录取) to medical schools, she was finally accepted by a doctor in Philadelphia. She was so determined that she taught school and gave music lessons to get money for the cost of schooling. In 1849, after graduation from medical school, she decided to further her education in Paris. She wanted to be a surgeon (外科医生) , but a serious eye problem forced he r to give up the idea. Upon returning to the United States, she found it difficult to start her own practice because she was a woman. By 1857 Elizabeth and her sister, also a doctor, along with another woman doctor, managed to open a new hospital, the first for women and children Besides being the first woman physician and founding her won hospital, she also set up the first medical school for women. How many years passed between her graduation from medical school and the opening of her hospital?A.Ten years B.Nineteen years C.Eight years D.Thirty-six years答案:C解析:本题考查的是细节理解。 【关键词】How many years;graduation from medical school;the opening of her hospital【主题句】第2自然段In 1849, after graduation from medical school, she decided to further her education in Paris. 1849年,从医科学校毕业后,她决定去巴黎继续深造。第3自然段By 1857 Elizabeth and her sister, also a doctor, along with another woman doctor, managed to open a new hospital, 1857年,伊丽莎白和她同为医生的姐妹,以及另一位女性医生,一同开办了一所新医院。【解析】本题的问题是“自她从医科学校毕业到开办医院一共过了多少年?”根据主题句可知,1857-1849=8。

考题 客人生病卧床,服务员应主动关心,请医生时要征询客人意见()。A、May I help you?B、Plese take a good restC、Would you like to see a doctor?D、Do you want a doctor?正确答案:C

考题 单选题Jim Thorpe started to play sports ______.A before he was nine years old.B when he was 16 years oldC when he was 24 years oldD before his parents passed away正确答案: D 解析: 文章第二段提到“By the time he was 16...Jim then went to a special school in Pennsylvania for Native American children. There, he learned to read and write and also began to play sports.”,由此可知,吉姆16岁时开始涉足运动。故B项正确。

考题 This is a girl. She’s (11) English girl. Her name's Becky.She's twelve. She’s in (12) 0f No.l Middle School in Beijing. She studies(学习) (13) in it. Mr Liu is .her Chinese teacher.(14 ) name is Liu Yong. He-s a good teacher.He reaches(教)her Chinese very well. Her home .(15) number is(010)65268559. He loves his students very much.Becky's father and mother (16) teachers. Her father is (17) Green.(18) works(l作) in Beijing now. He teaches us English. He (19) to work(20) his bike. He's our good English teacher and good friend.( )11.A.aB.anC.theD./ 正确答案:B11.B【解析】an用在“元音开头的形容词十单数名词”之前。

考题 III阅读理解(20分)AThere are many different kinds of cars in the world. My uncle thinks this is because cars are like their drivers. He says: "Rich people have expensive cars,big people have large cars,and old people drive old cars. "But I don-t agree with him.My neighbor,Mrs Hill,is 82 years old. She drives only to the bank on Tuesdays. She never drives more than 30 kilometers an hour. Do you think Mrs Hill has a very old and small car? No! Her car is new.lt-s very large,and it can g0 200 kilometers an hour!My friend Mike is an artist. He draws beautiful pictures with lots of colors. But his car is black! Mrs Bates has a very,very old car.lt often has engine trouble. Does she drive that kind of car because she is poor? No,she has four factories and two million dollars in the bank. My aunt Mary has a very small car. Every Sunday,she.drives to the country with her husband,her three children,her mother and their dog.Now,you have read about some people and their cars. Do you agree with my uncle? Maybe your family have cars. Do you want to say something about them?'( )21. What does the writer-s uncle think of cars and their drivers?A. Big people drive small cars.B. Old people drive new cars.C. Poor people have expensive cars.D. Rich people have dear cars. 正确答案:DⅢ.21.D【解析】从文中第一段第三句作者叔叔说的话中“...Rich people have expensive cars”可知答案.