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I was told to have a ________ photograph ready when I applied for my ID card to be renewed.






I was () work last week, but I changed my mind.

A.to start

B.to have started

C.to be starting

D.to have been starting


May you have a bright future! –()

A、of course

B、thank you. I may

C、I'll have a try

D、well,I won't disappoint you


When I leave university in July, I don’t want to get a job straightaway. I’ve worked hard for 3 years, and now I need a long holiday. I’ll have to work for the rest of my life, so now is a good time to take a break. I’d like to travel around the world for a few months. I抳e already bought a ticket to go and visit my relatives in New Zealand. I leave on August 14th. I plan to work there for a while. On the way back from there I hope to visit an old friend of mine in America, and I want to go to Canada as well. I might stop in some other places, too. I haven抰 decided yet. When I finish travelling, I will have to get a job. I studied economics at Bristol University, and my father works in a bank, so I抣l probably work there at first. I?m not looking forward to that, but I want to buy a house one day, so I’ll have to earn some money.

(1). I want to get a job as soon as possible.

A、 Right


(2). I’ll first go to New Zealand.

A、 Right


(3). I have relatives in America.

A、 Right


(4). I’ll probably work in a bank.

A、 Right


(5). I’ll earn some money to travel around the world.

A、 Right



— Do I still have to change my clothes? —________.


1Lily is a good singer. How I wish I _ as well as her.AsingBwill singChad sungDsang2I thought it hard to complete the project then, but I _ my mind.Awill change Bwould changedChave changed Dhad changed3In recent years, Chinese arts have won the of a lot of people outside China.Areputation BenjoymentCappreciation Dentertainment4 on one foot with your eyes closeDand you will soon lose your balance.AStanding BStoodCTo stand DStand5What about inviting Tracy to host the party?Good idea! She is very quick in mind. Oh, _, here she comes.Adont pull my legBa little bird told meCspeak of the devilDits a piece of cake6.-How did you French? - I lived in Paris for two years before I came to England, so I got lots of practice.Ago throughBpick upCset upDturn up7-Sorry to have broken your glass.-_. You didnt mean to, did you?ANo problem BForget itCAll right DDont say so8The new movie _ to be one of the biggest money-makers of all time.ApretendsBagreesCpromisesDdeclines9_ back in his chair, the man began to tell us his adventures in the forests.A Sit B Sitting C To sit D Sat10Afghans used to hold big weddings, costing thousands of dollars, in a county _ the average annual income is less than $400. Awhich Bwhose Cwhere Dwhat11The Lushan Mountain, occupying an area of 302 square kilometers, possesses rich cultural and geological _.AattractionsBamusementsCentertainmentsDpresentations12Office furniture like chairs and sofas should be attractive as well as comfortable.AmanuallyBvisuallyCphysicallyDsecurely13It is so difficult a question_ none of the kids could work it out.AasBthatCwhichDX14.-Would you have told him the answer had it been possible? .-I would have, but I _ so busy then. Ahad been Bwere Cwas Dwould be15It came as a great _ to the parents that their son finally came back safe and sound.AreliefBsenseCrelaxionDfavor16The new hotel is reported to be built it used to be a wasteland.AwhichBwhereCin whichDwhat17Thanks to Mr. Smith, the father and the son eventually _after ten years cold relationship between them.Atook upBmade upClooked upDturned up18The weather turned out to be fine. I _ the trouble to carry the umbrella with me.Ashould have takenBmust have takenCcouldnt have takenDneednt have taken19The company needs to _ its outdated image to promote its newly-released product.Alay outBcall upCshake offDgive away20This view is common _ all sections of the community.Aacross BaboveCaround Dalong21(6分)Here is a record of the discussion about AI (artificial 、intelligence) conducted by several scientists:Scientist A: I would say that we are quite a long way off developing the AI, though I do think it will happen within the next thirty or forty years. We will probably remain in control of technology and it will help us solve many of the worlds problems. H、owever, no one really knows what will happen if machines become more intelligent than humans. They may help us, ignore us or destroy us. I tend to believe AI will have a positive influence on our future lives, but whether that is true will be partly up to us.Scientist B: I have to admit that the pot

—Ok, I'll drink my last can of beer when I drive home. — ()

A、Have fun.

B、I'll drink too.

C、No way. You'll be stopped by the police.


- Well, after my report, there’ll be a break for refreshments. -()

A、All right, I’ll see it.

B、All right, I see.

C、The break won’t be long.


Well, after my report, there'll be a break for refreshments.()

A. The break won't be long

B. All right, I see

C. All right, I'll see it


But an event in my life when I was 17 years old changed my perspective on what it takes to be inspirational.


Goodbye!_about you every day until you come back.

A. I think

B. I'll have thought

C. I'll be thinking

D. I thought


更多 “河南省濮阳县第一中学20212022学年高考精选试题” 相关考题
考题 单选题I have promised to help you and I'll_____my word.A holdB followC stickD keep正确答案: A 解析:

考题 单选题Will you be free tomorrow morning?()A No, I'll be busyB What is the matter?C I'm sorry I won't be free thenD No, I'll have no time正确答案: A 解析: 暂无解析

考题 ( )A few years later,I found my hometown completely_______.A.changed B.changing C.to be changed D.to change答案:A解析:

考题 Wait here and I'll get my car and go there together.()A、I‘m sorry to have kept you waiting.B、Your sports car is fabulous.C、I‘m afraid I won‘t wait very long.D、Why bother? It‘s within walking distance.正确答案:D

考题 单选题Will you go on a picnic with us tomorrow?()A Yes, but I‘ll have English classesB Sorry. I have an appointment with Dr. BrownC I‘m afraid I have no ideaD I won‘t. it‘s kind of you正确答案: A 解析: 暂无解析

考题 A:Well, after my report, there’ll be a break for refreshments. B:()A、The break won't be longB、All right, I seeC、All right, I'll see it正确答案:A

考题 问答题So many high school graduates have no clues what they want to pursue as a career as they head off to college. So, here’s the question: How many times have you changed your major(s) while in college and what prompted the change(s)? The following are opinions from all walks of life. Read the excerpts carefully and write your response in about 300 words, in which you should:  1. summarize briefly the opinions in the excerpts;  2. give your comment.  Marks will be awarded for content relevance, content sufficiency, organization and language quality. Failure to follow the above instructions may result in a loss of marks.Never Changed  Claire | High School Teacher: I actually never changed my major. I declared elementary education immediately and stuck with it. I thought I wanted to minor in math, but before I even took a single math class, I ended up switching to English. Aside from student teaching and a long term sub position in 5th grade immediately following graduation, I’ve actually NEVER taught elementary school. I went ahead and took the Texas exam to get certified k-12 and I’ve only taught high school since. Sometimes I wish I had just done secondary education. Sadly, I don’t actually think any of my education classes in college affected the way I teach—experience has really been the best class I’ve had.  Kevin | Accountant: I never changed my major in college! I knew exactly what I wanted, where I was going, and what I ultimately hoped to achieve after graduation with my AAS Degree in Business Management/ Accounting, I went directly to work in my chosen profession and never looked back! It served me well for about twenty-five years.  Murphy | Middle School Teacher: I never changed my major in college, but I did not declare a major until the university forced me to. I majored in Political Science simply because it interested me. Of course, when I did declare this major everyone, especially my patents, asked me what I was going to do with it and my answer was always that I wasn’t sure. I ended up receiving a teaching credential two years after receiving my B.A. in Political Science and have been teaching for the last 26 years.  Changed  Dastice | Clerk: I changed my major from Psychology to Sociology. I still minored in Psych, and also in Women’s Studies. My only drive in changing majors was that I enjoyed the classes more. I figured if I stuck with what I enjoyed then a career would somehow emerge from it once I got my degree. Knowing what I know now, however, I probably would have majored in something like business or law. After graduating with my degree I ended up working jobs that didn’t even require a college education. Experience was far more valuable, I was told.  Jenny | College Student: I, for some reason, never knew majors were a huge deal and could be almost as important as your life. I started out as an arts and Spanish major. I then realized the program my school offered for the education major took care of 4 classes I would have to take for my MA. I dropped the art major and went into the education major. My last semester came and I was at a crossroads: take the final course to complete my major in education or the class to complete my Spanish major. I do get a little upset thinking I was only one class away from another major.  Gaha | Writer: I changed it once. I started college at eighteen and a little naive as to the working world. I chose to major in Business, not sure why, in fact I don’t think I really even knew what it entailed. It wasn’t until the onset of my junior year that I came to an epiphany that I had only take a couple of business classes because they bored me out of my mind. After taking a look at my transcript, realizing that I was totally into foreign languages and literature, I decided to get into writing. And a new writer was born!正确答案: 【参考范文】 The given excerpts show us the findings of a survey to discuss whether people have changed their major(s) while in college and what prompted the change(s). Among the people included, some of them never changed their majors as a result of many reasons: being interested in the majors, having a clear life goal and so on. Nevertheless, there are many students who have changed their majors at college. Reasons are various: not having a clear life goal, not knowing what they really aspire to be; finding it difficult to learn the courses school arranged; hunting for a proper job relevant to the major. As far as I’m concerned, what matters most is not the major itself, but whether you are willing to spend time on it. It is of little use if you make a change on your major just for a promising job opportunity. You can make it to the top in all walks of life as long as you have passion for your major and are dedicated enough. Sure, there are some so-called hot majors, such as international finance, finance and accountancy, international trade, civil engineering technology, etc. However, from my perspective, the work which is suitable for one person may be unfit for another. So it is imprudent for students to blindly pursuit the major not suitable for them, which would likely lead to nothing. Choosing a major should be based on students’ interests, personality and ability. After all, your major will be closely connected to your future life, not others’. In short, college students should have a clear understanding about the relationship between their own passions and social needs. 解析: 暂无解析

考题 Will you be free tomorrow morning?()A、No, I'll be busyB、What is the matter?C、I'm sorry I won't be free thenD、No, I'll have no time正确答案:C

考题 My daughter was leafing through some old photo albums the other day when she laughed and pulled out an old picture to show me. There I was a skinny 12 year old with thick, bushy, brown hair. l looked down at the picture and smiled. Only one thought was on my mind: "If only I knew then what I know now. If I knew then what I know now: I would have danced more, laughed more, and sang more no matter who was watching. I would have not cared a bit what other people thought of me. I would have cared a whole lot more, however, about what God thought of me. I would have been fearless in showing my love, sharing my joy, and living my life. Of all the four ideas, which won ' t the author agree with? A. One should not care what other people think of him/her. B. One should show his/her love bravely. C. One should only care what God thinks of him/her. D. One should do anything regardless of who is watching.答案:C解析:细节题。根据文章二段第二句“1 would have cared a whole lot more,however,about what God thought of me. ”可以知道作者的观点是会更多的去在乎上天的安排,而不是C 选择中的“only”只在乎上天的安排。所以选择C。

考题 单选题— I have changed my job.—______.A So do IB So have IC So I doD So I have正确答案: D 解析: 句意:——我换了工作了。——我也是。本题考查倒装句的用法。答句意为“我也换了工作”,上句是由have构成的完成时态,因此答句由have/ has构成完全倒装句,因此选B项。