2021年 北京 职称英语(理工)如何报名


2021年 北京 职称英语(理工)如何报名


下面小编为大家准备了 职称英语(理工) 的相关考题,供大家学习参考。

Medical facilities are being upgraded.



Nuclear Power and Its Danger

Nuclear power's danger to health,safety,and even life itself can be summed up in one word:radiation.
Nuclear radiation has a certain mystery about it,partly because it cannot be detected by human senses.
It can't be seen or heard,or touched,or tasted,even though it may be all around us.There are other things
like that.For example,radio waves are all around us but we can't detect them,sense them,without a radio
receiver.Similarly,we can't sense radioactivity without a radiation detector. But unlike common radio waves,
nuclear radiation is not harmless to'human beings and other living things.
At very high levels,radiation can kill an animal or human being outright by killing masses of cells in
vital organs.But even the lowest level of radiation can do serious damage.There is no level of radiation that is
comnpletely safe.If the radiation does not hit anything important,the damage may not be significant.This is
the case when only a few cells are hit,and if they are killed outright.Your body will replace the dead cells
with healthy ones.But if the few cells are only damaged,and if they reproduce themselves,you may be in
trouble.They reproduce themselves in a deformed way.They can grow into cancer. Sometimes this does not
show up for many years.
There is another reason for the mystery of nuclear radiation.Serious damage can be done without the
victim being aware at the time that damage occurs. A person can be irradiated and feel fine,then die of cancer
five,ten,or twenty years later as a result.Or a child can be born weak or liable to serious illness as a result
of radiation absorbed by its grandparents.
Radiation can hurt us.We must know the truth.

Radiation can hurt us in the way that it can _______________.
A:kill large numbers of cells in main organs so as to cause death immediately
B:damage cells which may grow into cancer years later
C:affect the healthy growth of our offspring
D:all of the above
由第三段的第二句和该段最后四句可知,即使很少的细胞遭核辐射损坏(未被完全杀 死),也会造成严重的后果。
该词是对本句中if条件句所述情况所造成的损害的评述,而其后两句是对该句的补充 说明,由这两句所述的“……你的身体会用健康的细胞取代坏死的细胞”可知,情况并不严重, 故选A。 fatal意为“致命的,灾难性的”,significant意为“重大的,影响深远的”。
文章叙述了核辐射危害的严重性、潜伏性和长期性,由此可知,再怎么强调防辐射都不 为过。 第三篇 本文主要介绍了一种预侧山体滑坡的设备。

I don't think there is anything wrong with your blood.______(46).If you don't sleep for hours during the early part of the evening,you would be more ready to sleep at bedtime.If you didn't nap after dinner,you would not want to stay up so late,and you would not feel the need to take a sleeping pill.______(47).This helps account for the fact that you feel tired all day.You should get out of the habit of sleeping during the evening. Right after your evening meal,engage in some sort of physical activity一a sport such as bowling,perhaps.______(48).Then go to bed at your usual time or a little earlier,and you should be able to get a good night's rest without taking a pill.
If you can get into the habit of spending your evenings this way,I am sure you will feel less tired during the day.______(49).If so,get up and watch television or do some jobs around your house until you feel sleepy.If you fall asleep and then wake up a few hours later,get up but do not take a sleeping pill.Read a while or listen to the radio,and make yourself a few hours' sleep that night.You will feel better in the morning than you usually feel after taking a pill.______ (50).
The most important thing is to avoid taking that nap right after dinner and avoid taking pills.

A:The key to your problem is that long nap after dinner
B:Or get together with friends for an evening of cards and conversation
C:At first it may be hard for you to go to sleep without taking a pill
D:The next night you will be ready to sleep at an earlier hour
E:Having difficulty sleeping is a common problem shared by many people
F: The pill is still working in your system when you get up in the morning
本题考查的是对上下文之间意义关系的理解和对文章细节的把握。上一句说到“我认为你的血液没有任何问题”,那么接下来就该说明实际是什么问题,而空格的下一句说“如果在晚上睡觉前你不小憩这几个小时,在晚上该睡觉时你应该很快入眠的”。因此 A与上下文联系最紧密。

Singing Alarms Could Save the Blind.
If you cannot see,you may not be able to find your way out of a burning building-and that could be fatal .A company in Leeds could change all that______(51)directional sound alarms capable of guiding you to the exit.
Sound Alert,a company______(52)the University of Leeds,is installing the alarms in a residential home for______(53)people in Sommerset and a resource centre for the blind in
Cumbria.______(54)produce a wide range of frequencies that enable the brain to determine where the______(55)is coming from.
Deborah Withington of Sound Alert says that the alarms use most of the frequencies that can be______(56)by humans."It is a burst of white noise ______(57)people say sounds like static on the radio,"she says."Its life-saving potential is great."
She conducted an experiment in which people were filmed by thermal-imaging cameras trying to find their way out of a large______(58)room. It______(59)them nearly four minutes to find the door______(60)a sound alarm,but only 15 seconds with one.
Withington studies how the brain______(61)sounds at the university. She says that the _______(62)of a wide band of frequencies can be pinpointed more easily than the source of a narrow band .Alarms______(63)the same concept have already been installed on emergency vehicles.
The alarms will also include rising or falling frequencies to indicate whether people should go up______(64)down stairs.They were______(65)with the aid of a large grant from British Nuclear Fuels.

A: has taken
B: takes
C: took
D: will take

Sound Alert是一家公司的名字,a company是Sound Alert的同位语,根据句意判断,应选择run by,意为“由……经营的”。其他选项虽然语法正确,但都与句意不符。

从文章标题以及文章内容和本句后面部分resource center for the blind,可以推断这里最好的选择就是C。

因为这种警告装置已在上文中提到:第一段中的directional sound alarms,第二段中的installing the alarms in a residential home...,所以这里的alarms是特指,要用定冠词。选项C是错误的,因为它是单数形式。

句子的前半句有a wide range of frequencies,发出来的应该是sound,而不是令人烦躁的noise。用music或bell都有些突然,与上下文的意思不连贯。


选择A、B、D均不能构成语义连贯的句子,而且语法上也有问题。选项C能使句子结构成为“It is... that”的强调句型。

从所给的选项可以看出,这里要表达的意思是“烟火弥漫的房间”。有了这个理解,现在要做的就是选择正确的表达形式。A是“烟熏的”,D是“使……烟火弥漫的”,所以意思不对,C填入后就出现filled with smoke room,不符合语法。只有B是正确选项。

这里显然是“It takes somebody + time +动词不定式”的句型,但选择什么时态是关键。从上句看,应选择一般过去时,因为整个段落是对一次实验的描写,而且上面一句也使用了一般过去时。

后半句的one指上半句中的a sound alarm。该句上半句和下半句由but连接,表示 相反的意思,从后半句的with可以看出,两个相对比的事物是:the door without a sound alarm和the door with a sound alarm,所以选择C。


句子中的more...than表示该句是对两样事物的对比。than后面是the source of a narrow band,这里的narrow和前半句的wide形成反比,从上下文中可以看出,the source of a narrow band of ( frequencies)是和the source of a wide band of frequencies形成对比。

这个句子有主语alarms,有谓语have been installed,这里应填入动词的分词形式。 be based on是常用的搭配,所以应选择动词的过去分词形式。选项A. basis是名词,明显是错的。

根据上半句中的rising or frequencies,这里应填入or,与上半句表达的意思相一致。音频升高表示上楼,音频降低表示下楼。

首先确定主语They指的是第一句中的主语The alarms,后半句说这种设备得到大 笔资助。根据上文内容,我们知道资助的目的是开发这种alarms,所以应该选择devel- oped。

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