2021年 贵州 职称英语(理工)如何报名


2021年 贵州 职称英语(理工)如何报名


下面小编为大家准备了 职称英语(理工) 的相关考题,供大家学习参考。

Animal's “Sixth Sense”
A tsunami(海啸)was triggered(引发)by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean in December, 2004.It killed tens of thousands of people in Asia and East Africa. Wild animals,1, seem to have escaped that terrible tsunami. This phenomenon adds weight to notions that they possess a“sixth sense” for2 ,experts said.
Sri Lankan wildlife officials have said the giant waves that killed over 24,000 people along the Indian Ocean island's coast clearly 3 wild beasts,with no dead animals found.
“No elephants are dead,not4a dead rabbit. I think animals can5 disaster.
They have a sixth sense. They know when things are happening,”H.D. Ratnayake,deputy director of Sri Lanka's Wildlife Department,said about one month after the tsunami attack. The6washed floodwaters up to 2 miles inland at Yala National Park in the ravaged(被 毁坏的)southeast, Sri Lanka's biggest wildlife7and home to hundreds of wild elephants and several leopards(豹).
“There has been a lot of8 evidence about dogs barking or birds migrating before volcanic eruptions(火山爆发)or earthquakes. But it has not been proven ,” said Matthew van Lierop,an animal behavior 9 at Johannesburg Zoo.
“There have been no10studies because you can't really test it in a lab or field setting , ” he told Reuters. Other authorities concurred(同意)with this11.
“Wildlife seem to be able to pick up certain12 ,especially birds…there are many re- ports of birds detecting impending(迫近的)disasters , ” said Clive Walker , who has written several books on African wildlife.
Animals13 rely on the known senses such as smell or hearing to avoid danger such as predators(食肉动物).
The notion of an animal “sixth sense”一or14other mythical power一is an enduring one which the evidence on Sri Lanka's ravaged coast is likely to add15.

A: way
B: behavior
C: principle
D: phenomenon
全文说的是动物的第六感觉,而feel(触觉), see(视觉), hear(听觉)都属于前五个感觉,所以不是正确答案。D项sense(感觉的)。
本句意为:海的巨浪将洪水带到离海岸远达2英里的地方。正确答案应该是 A项waves(波浪)。
从上下文判断,本句意为:Yala国家公园是斯里兰卡最大的野生动物保护区,而birthplaces“出生地”, playground“操场”和storage“存储”都与上下文表达的意思不相符,因此不是答案。
下一句提到这些迹象(evidence)并没有被证实。因此这些迹象不可能是sci- entific的。而experimental和chemical的词义和上下文不配合,因此也不是答案。只有ap-parent“明显的”与上下文的意思相配合。
concurred with(同意)的宾语是view, opinion, judgment这一类词。前文提到Matthew van Lierop指出无法验证动物预见灾难的第六感觉的困难所在,其他专家也同意这一看法,所以答案为assessment。
本句意为:动物有捕捉灾难来临前某些征兆的能力,特别是鸟类。way“路线”, behavior“行为”和principle“原则”与上述意义偏离很远,所以答案是phenomenon(现象)。
根据常识判断,动物要依靠嗅觉,听觉等逃避食肉动物的攻击。unwilling-ly“不情愿地”, occasionally“偶尔”和doubtfully“怀疑地”与上述意义不一致,只有certainly 是合适的选项。

New Comet Found

There's a newfound comet closing in on the sun,and when it gets here in 2013,you may be able to see it with your naked eye.
Astronomers stumbled upon the icy interloper on June 5 while searching for potentially hazardous asteroids(小行星).Equipped with the world's largest digital camera , the University of Hawaii's Pan-STARRS team snagged a faint image of the odd object while it was more than 700 million miles away , between the orbits of Jupiter(木星)and Saturn(土星).
"Almost everything we find is an asteroid,but this object was suspicious,"said Richard Wainscoat,co-discoverer of the comet and an astronomer at the University of Hawaii."Unlike asteroids, which appear point-like in images,the telltale sign that gave it away was its fuzzy appearance."
By March 2013 the comet,named C/2011 L4(PANSTARRS),is expected to come within 30 million miles of the sun一closer even than the innermost(最深处)planet, Mercury(水星).
When the comet makes its closest approach to the sun,most of its ices will vaporize,adding to its hazy envelope of gas and dust and producing the familiar tail. This denser envelope,or coma, should boost the comet to peak brightness,making it potentially visible to the naked eye low in the western horizon just after sunset.
While there is no danger of collision with Earth,preliminary calculations of the comet's orbit show that this may be its first and final trip through the solar system."It may be coming around the sun for the first and only time,only to be ejected from the solar system,never to return,"Wainscoat said."Since we don't have a lot of data on it,we really don't know the orbit well enough right now, and it will take up to two months of observations to find out."
Astronomers believe C/2011 L4 may be a runaway from the Oort cloud(奥尔特云),a reservoir of billions of hibernating(蛰伏)comets that orbits about 100,000 times farther than the distance between Earth and the sun.
The fact that it's going around the back of the sun from our point of view may ultimately affect the comet's visibility,but a lot will depend on how close the body actually gets to the sun.Also, whether the comet is north or south of the sun when it reaches peak brightness will determine which hemisphere on Earth gets the better view.

The ices of the comet will vaporize while heading to the sun.
C:Not mentiond
题干意思为:天文学家用肉眼发现了新彗星。从文中第二段第二句可以找到出处:Equipped with the world's largest digital camera…借助世界上最大的数字摄像机……显然题干意思与原文相悖,所以是错误的。
题干意思为:新彗星是由汞构成的。第五段第一句中:When the comet makes its closest approach to the sun , most of its ices will vaporize…当彗星靠近太阳时,大部分冰会融化。可以推测出,彗星的主要构成是冰,而不是汞。所以该项错误。
题干意思为:在不断接近太阳的过程中,彗星的冰会融化。第五段第一句中:When the comet makes its closest approach to the sun , most of its ices will vaporize…当彗星靠近太阳时,大部分冰会融化……可以推断出题干与原文意思一致。
题干意思为:天文学家掌握了太阳系的很多信息。通读全文,提到太阳系的只有第六段:Since we don't have a lot of data on it…由于我们并未掌握太多的信息……由此可知,题干意思与该句表达冲突,所以选择B。
题干意思为:北半球能更好地观测彗星。文中最后一段最后一句:Also, whether the comet is north or south of the sun when it reaches peak brightness will determine which hemisphere on Earth gets the better view.当彗星达到最亮值时,它在太阳的南面还是北面将决定在地球哪个半球能够更好地观测彗星。可以推知,哪一个半球观测效果好取决于彗星的位置,所以题干表述错误。
题干意思为:理查德·文斯考特是彗星的发现者之一。文中第三段第一句后半句:…co-discoverer of the comet and an astronomer at the University of Hawaii.……是彗星的共同发现者之一,也是夏威夷大学的天文学家。可以推知,题干与该句意思一致。
题干意思为:C/2011 L4彗星将在2013年撞上地球。文中第六段第一句指出:While there is no danger of collision with Earth…虽然不存在撞击地球的危险性……可以推知,题干意思与原文意思相悖。

The Greatest Mystery of Whales

The whale is a warm一blooded,air-breathing animal,giving birth to its young alive,sucking them一and,
like all mammals,originated on land. There are many________________(51)of this. Its front flippers(鳍状肢),
used for steering and stability,are traces of feet.
Immense strength is________________(52)into the great body of the big whales,and in fact most of a
whale's body is one gigantic muscle.The blue whale's pulling strength has been estimated________________(53)
400 horsepower. One specimen was reported to have towed(拖)a whaling vessel for seven hours at the
_______________ (54)of eight knot(节).
An angry whale will________________(55).A famous example of this was the fate of Whaler Essex,
________________(56)was sunk off the coast of South America early in the last century. More recently,steel ships
have ___________( 57 ) their plates buckled(使弯曲)in the same way. Sperm whales(抹香鲸)were known
to seize the old-time whaleboats in their jaws and crush them.
The greatest________________(58)of whales is their diving ability.The sperm whale dives to the bottom foi
his________________(59)food,the octopus(章鱼).In that search he is known to go as far down as 3 , 200 feet,
where the________________(60)is 1,400 pounds,to a square inch.Doing so he will________________(61)underwa-
ter as long as one hour. Two special skills are involved in this storing up enough________________(62)(all
whales are air-breathed)and tolerating the great change in pressure.Just how he does it scientists have nol
_______________ (63).It is believed that some of the oxygen is stored in a special________________(64)of blood
vessels,rather than just held in the lungs.And it is believed that a special kind of oil in his head is some sort
of a compensating mechanism that________________(65)adjusts the internal pressure of his body.But since you
can't bring a live whale into the laboratory for study,no one knows just how these things work.

第一段讲到鲸鱼很像陆地上的哺乳动物,最后一句举了一些例子来说明这一点。sign 的意思是“符号,特征,迹象”,鲸鱼具有陆地上哺乳动物的一些特征,故选B。
something is built into…的意思是“把……装(建、插)入……”,这里指鲸鱼具有巨大的 气力。其他几个选项意思上讲不通。
at表示“(速度、比率等)以,达”; horsepower表示“马力”。
" have + something+过去分词”是一固定结构。
本题所在句子为该段主题句,谈的是鲸鱼的潜水能力。鲸鱼的潜水能力很强,能下潜 到很深的地方,科学家们不解,所以说是个谜,故选D。
上文谈到鲸鱼为什么能够在水下承受巨大的压力,科学家们还没有找到答案。选项中 的determine的意思是“确定”,此词放人空格处意思讲得通,其他几个选项讲不通,故选B。
special虽然和几个选项都能搭配使用,但只有选项A意思上讲得通,故A为正确答案, 此处是指氧气存在特殊的血管系统中。

We derive information mainly from the Internet.

本句意思:我们主要从网络上获取信息。derive取得,得到。deprive剥夺;obtain获得; descend下降;trace追踪,查考。

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